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Newly hired exec performance / Psychopaths?

From the May 2011 ASTD T&D  magazine, we learned that Newly Hired Executives Not Performing Up to Par [note login required to ASTD]. Poor interpersonal and leadership skills in collaboration, influence and ability to build relationships lead to these costly … Continue reading

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Learning reflections week of April 10

Inspired by Harold Jarche and David Kelly, my goal is to post weekly some key experiences and learnings from the past week. Grass roots Social Media to save County Libraries Friday April 8, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners announced … Continue reading

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Objectivity and “new” journalism

Objectivity has changed – why hasn’t journalism? | Online Journalism Blog. Transparency is the new objectivity. It’s access to information from multiple identified sources.

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Real skills for the modern workplace

Amy Chua Is a Wimp – NYTimes.com. David Brooks is right, kids will need to figure out how to work together and collaborate in the workplace. In this OpEd he addresses the “Tiger Mother” parenting approach of Amy Chua.  Future … Continue reading

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Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

After this, therefore because of this (translated from the Latin) is a logical fallacy where an event is said to be the cause of a later event simply because it occurred earlier. There’s tremendous noise across the web regarding political rhetoric as … Continue reading

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Commentary: The Health-Care Act on Trial – BusinessWeek

Commentary: The Health-Care Act on Trial – BusinessWeek. Interesting Opening Remarks piece in January 3 Bloomberg Businessweek. I don’t know how the mandate provision will play out in the courts but I do believe that we all have responsibilities. One … Continue reading

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Those who “click” are promoted?

From a recent Bloomberg Businessweek Etc. Social Studies story, those that click with others are more likely to be more successful in their careers. Psychologist Mark Snyder has dubbed this “high self monitoring,” the ability to adapt one’s personality, behaviors … Continue reading

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Are we missing teachable moments with the health care debate?

Don’t you wish that this debate could rise over partisan noise. Wouldn’t it be great if some mature individual could take up this discussion and transform into teachable moments. Is health care a right? What kind of society do we … Continue reading

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Twitter, you do tempt me

From AdFreak, learned that Crispin Porter + Bogusky creative chief Alex Bogusky may have reconciled his differences with Twitter (reported in this blog and here) and may return to Twitterland. Whew, glad that distraction is cleared up, or is it? … Continue reading

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Twitter, jumping the shark?

AdFreek (an Adweek blog) reports that Crispin Porter + Bogusky creative Alex Bogusky is leaving Twitter. Signing off twitter. Just not for me. I really enjoyed the time and it was fun to follow and be followed by such a … Continue reading

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