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Really, 20% job growth rate in HR?

I listened to Josh Bersin’s keynote at their 2011 Impact Conference – The Business of Talent on Wednesday April 27. Kudos to Bersin and Associates for streaming this event and sharing with those that couldn’t attend. Josh talked about the … Continue reading

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Learning reflections week of April 10

Inspired by Harold Jarche and David Kelly, my goal is to post weekly some key experiences and learnings from the past week. Grass roots Social Media to save County Libraries Friday April 8, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners announced … Continue reading

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Objectivity and “new” journalism

Objectivity has changed – why hasn’t journalism? | Online Journalism Blog. Transparency is the new objectivity. It’s access to information from multiple identified sources.

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Blog site watches WI Senator

Here’s a site that popped up in late January following Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman. Came across this via @mamier262 whom I follow on Twitter. Too bad I haven’t see this Social Media approach with our Georgia state legislature. What did … Continue reading

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Social learning for business – elevator pitch

Harold Jarche » Social learning for business. Suspect that more and more managers are wondering about this social learning thingy. Unfortunately, many managers see social media as distracting, waste of time and not a business tool.  Here’s a great elevator … Continue reading

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Why You Should Be A Life-Long Learner | Bloom

Why You Should Be A Life-Long Learner | Bloom. One point the author makes is that Learning is fun and engaging. I’d add that learning feeds curiosity about the world, people’s situations, environment, history, etc. Through curiosity, one can break away from … Continue reading

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eLearn: Opinions – Teachers vs. Cell Phones

eLearn: Opinions – Teachers vs. Cell Phones. Face it, teachers will lose the battle with mobile devices. Geoff  Klock makes the reasoned argument that instructors should leverage the technology. One thought is to set up a Twitter feed for the … Continue reading

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Moving to WordPress

Since it’s the new year, made resolution to post more frequently to both blog and Twitter. Felt the need to move to a new platform. So stay tuned for improvements and more content. It’s a journey.

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Dead Ideas

Matt Miller’s book, The Tyranny of Dead Ideas, is a great book in framing my thinking about the world. His thesis, framed in both politics and economics, are “dead ideas” hold us hostage. His dead ideas are: our kids will … Continue reading

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Those who “click” are promoted?

From a recent Bloomberg Businessweek Etc. Social Studies story, those that click with others are more likely to be more successful in their careers. Psychologist Mark Snyder has dubbed this “high self monitoring,” the ability to adapt one’s personality, behaviors … Continue reading

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