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Send me an executive summary

Great idea from Jan Schultink in his blog, IdeaTransplant – Send me an executive summary. Although his post is focused on the world of investors, we as learning professionals should develop a pitch mindset. Jan’s alternative to the executive summary, … Continue reading

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Death to Panels

On a recent #astdchapters leader chat, I went off on my usual rant about panel discussions.  I don’t like panel presentations. Many professional associations over rely on this programming approach; it’s lazy. Most panels are haphazard collections of too many … Continue reading

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Classroom handouts / Earth Day 2010

I once was a collector of handouts for training and conference sessions – massive piles of the stuff organized by the event, job or subject. I even had stuff from my Master’s thesis in file cabinets, never touched over multiple … Continue reading

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Text as onscreen narration

Garr Reynolds Presentation Zen blog is a favorite. Here’s an interesting presentation with a memorable twist to tell the story in less than two minutes. http://www.youtube.com/v/42E2fAWM6rA&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&border=1

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