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Learning reflections week of April 10

Inspired by Harold Jarche and David Kelly, my goal is to post weekly some key experiences and learnings from the past week. Grass roots Social Media to save County Libraries Friday April 8, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners announced … Continue reading

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Are we missing teachable moments with the health care debate?

Don’t you wish that this debate could rise over partisan noise. Wouldn’t it be great if some mature individual could take up this discussion and transform into teachable moments. Is health care a right? What kind of society do we … Continue reading

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Obama squeals

Visiting DC and spent 5+ hours in The Museum of American History. The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden explores the role of the president and commander in chief, manager of the economy, chief communicator through a selection of presidential artifacts. … Continue reading

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So we now have many, many scenarios on the closing of Gitmo, here’s the best with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed gaining American citizenship. So where was the congressional creative scenario-making for Iraq, finance, climate change, etc?

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