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Really, 20% job growth rate in HR?

I listened to Josh Bersin’s keynote at their 2011 Impact Conference – The Business of Talent on Wednesday April 27. Kudos to Bersin and Associates for streaming this event and sharing with those that couldn’t attend. Josh talked about the … Continue reading

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Governance: Who Should Come to the Party?

Governance: Who Should Come to the Party? « LIVING IN LEARNING. For me, governance is the who, what and why driven by business strategy. Gary Wise correctly points out that that “performance objectives” should not be part of governance. That’s … Continue reading

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ILT development times 2007 vs 2010

Bryan Chapman, Chapman Alliance, provides another great research service for the workforce learning professional in reporting development times across ILT and elearning for 2010. Contrasting this with the 2007 report [note you’ll need to scroll down for the 2007 data],  … Continue reading

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Dead Ideas

Matt Miller’s book, The Tyranny of Dead Ideas, is a great book in framing my thinking about the world. His thesis, framed in both politics and economics, are “dead ideas” hold us hostage. His dead ideas are: our kids will … Continue reading

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Classroom handouts / Earth Day 2010

I once was a collector of handouts for training and conference sessions – massive piles of the stuff organized by the event, job or subject. I even had stuff from my Master’s thesis in file cabinets, never touched over multiple … Continue reading

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Are we missing teachable moments with the health care debate?

Don’t you wish that this debate could rise over partisan noise. Wouldn’t it be great if some mature individual could take up this discussion and transform into teachable moments. Is health care a right? What kind of society do we … Continue reading

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Social media growth stunted

From a UK press release, we learn that the business leaders lack of understanding and data security concerns key barriers to use of social media within UK businesses. HR, on the other hand, demonstrates high usage and support for social … Continue reading

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On Boarding

Catching up with the reading, June 2009 T+D article, Making New Employees Successful In Any Economy. Good article by Katharine Giacalone about the first 90 days. The first 90 days are critical especially in a downturn and the expense of … Continue reading

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Sex and the cellphone

Fascinating above the fold story in Sunday NYT Styles section When the Cellphone Teaches Sex Education. The Birds and Bees Text line in North Carolina is an attempt to lessen the teen pregnancy rate. NC has an abstinence-only curriculum. Teenagers … Continue reading

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April 21-22, Learntrends event

THIS EVENT HAS ENDED Visit Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation I encourage you to check out this ning group.

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