Social learning for business – elevator pitch

Harold Jarche » Social learning for business.

Suspect that more and more managers are wondering about this social learning thingy. Unfortunately, many managers see social media as distracting, waste of time and not a business tool.  Here’s a great elevator pitch for social learning that succinctly addresses the usual objections. Harold is a thought leader and principal in the Internet Time Alliance. You should follow him on Twitter and add his blog to your RSS reader.

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Jerry Seinfield – empiricist

Let me ask you something–if someone’s lying, are their pants really on fire?

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Are Undergraduates Actually Learning Anything?

Are Undergraduates Actually Learning Anything? – Commentary – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

We are aware of poor student performance compared to other developed countries in K-12 and how we’re falling in graduates in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). No surprises here. I’ll leave others to argue about is there learning? {the comments are fascinating}

What I didn’t know is that…

… by the early 1990s, the progress the United States had made in increasing college participation had come to a virtual halt. For most of the 1990s, the United States ranked last among 14 nations in raising college-participation rates, with almost no increase during the decade.”

In Cobb County, GA, a northern Atlanta suburb, there’s 40% who have attained a Bachelors.  Maybe, the better question is that do we really need more college grads with Bachelors? If so, won’t we need more STEM grads? Do we need more technical folks with perhaps some college? Are there other alternatives such as the Vo-Tech program?

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Real skills for the modern workplace

Amy Chua Is a Wimp –

David Brooks is right, kids will need to figure out how to work together and collaborate in the workplace. In this OpEd he addresses the “Tiger Mother” parenting approach of Amy Chua.  Future workers will also be challenged in collaborating in a flatter world with team members distributed across time zones. Brooks asks,

Where do they learn how to manage people? Where do they learn to construct and manipulate metaphors? Where do they learn to perceive details of a scene the way a hunter reads a landscape? Where do they learn how to detect their own shortcomings? Where do they learn how to put themselves in others’ minds and anticipate others’ reactions?

I agree that kids should be pushed to excel but they also need to develop those emotional intelligence skills.

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Assessing Wikipedia, Wiki-Style, on Its 10th Anniversary – BusinessWeek

Assessing Wikipedia, Wiki-Style, on Its 10th Anniversary – BusinessWeek.

January 15 is Wikipedia’s birthday. How many of us rely on this site as a resource?

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Creative Class » Blog Archive » The Geography of Gun Deaths – Creative Class

Creative Class » Blog Archive » The Geography of Gun Deaths

I’ll let you read and and make your own conclusion. What fascinates me are the Ads by Google on screen right for body armor and designer furniture – see screen cap.

screen cap from





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Emo Philips on Philip Glass

A friend of mine gave me a Philip Glass record. I listened to it for five hours before I realized it had a scratch on it.   GlassPages

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Creative Class » Blog Archive » What Makes Texas Special – Creative Class

Creative Class » Blog Archive » What Makes Texas Special

Perhaps Georgia can learn a lesson from Texas in developing and nurturing Atlanta along with the state universities. Based upon current news from Gov. Deal,  don’t expect so.

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Environment – Heavier Crudes, Heavier Footprints

Heavier Crudes, Heavier Footprints – Science News.

Unfortunately heavier crudes as well as the “promising” tar sands take extra effort to obtain, refine and process increasing greenhouse gasses.  We need to be moving away from this stuff and stop vilifying greener technology because it costs “too much.” Some leadership please!

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Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

After this, therefore because of this (translated from the Latin) is a logical fallacy where an event is said to be the cause of a later event simply because it occurred earlier. There’s tremendous noise across the web regarding political rhetoric as the root (or contributing) cause of the Tucson shootings. We won’t “know”the cause until the trial of this clearly troubled man.

However, we do know that the political rhetoric has been amped up to 11 where we no longer talk about issues or solutions in a meaningful way. Despite protests, it’s clear to me that violent imagery in speech doesn’t further the exchange of ideas, discourse and search for solutions. Ad hominen, needling, straw man, inflation of conflict (for more go here) arguments rules the day in looking for the winning soundbite. As long as we practice zero sum politics, we’ll see little progress in working the complex issues facing the world.

So please tone it down, disagree but be respectful. Have adult conversations about the issues and the give-and-take solutions required.

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