Newly hired exec performance / Psychopaths?

From the May 2011 ASTD T&D  magazine, we learned that Newly Hired Executives Not Performing Up to Par [note login required to ASTD]. Poor interpersonal and leadership skills in collaboration, influence and ability to build relationships lead to these costly failures.  On Monday May 16 The Daily Show [note entire episode],  John Stewart’s interview with author Jon Ronson, The Psychopath Test. Ronson, an the amiable Brit and author of The Men Who Stare at Goats, set out to explore the world of madness and build his psychopath spotting skills.  He reports that 25 % in prison, one percent of the general population and FOUR PERCENT of corporate chiefs are psychopaths.  So in connecting the dots, these execs must be psychopaths, right? Well, probably not, but certainly a fun thought.

The study found that the failure rate for external hires was nearly the same as internal: 27 versus 23%. Suggestions to mitigate include building a formal onboarding team to guide the new executive into the role. For those that do behave like psychopaths, at least we can provide some coaching so that these execs appear empathetic.

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