Zero sum?

Why are we driven to play zero sum games? Appears to me that we’ve lost the willingness to compromise, to take the long view and look for win-win or perhaps give-give. Given our fiscal situation the one give is that taxes must go up and spending must go down. Stephen Colbert parses this nicely on April 11, 2011 show regarding the deal to keep the government open. On who won (meaning Obama versus Boehner),

“…one person has to be broken, weeping on the floor in the fetal position, while the other stands over him cackling in triumph. You know, compromise.”

Colbert Report 4/11/2011 – Who wins?

Watch the entire clip for a great debate tool – my comment was not intended to be a factual statement per Jon Kyl’s (shall we say) non–factual statement about Planned Parenthood. Great fun on Twitter with this hashtag:#NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement.

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