Yes, my Marketing Sucks

As a small business owner, I’ve known this for some time. This year as a self development activity, I planned to research and improve marketing for dBolen and Associates, Inc. My “marketing” has been limited to networking, activities in professional associations, web-site, some limited buys of advertising.  The challenge that consultants have is that we cannot follow the textbook approaches to marketing for retail and manufacturing. My business has come from referrals via my network. Browsing the nearby library, found Mark Stevens Your Marketing Sucks. This is the best marketing resource I’ve found and he actually addresses  marketing for service providers like accountants. Stevens calls his approach extreme marketing.

Extreme Marketing is:

  1. Marketing is an integrated process (not discrete spends for advertising, direct mail, it’s the process of generating sales/profits)
  2. Identify innovative initiatives that can command the attention in the marketplace
  3. Integrate all of the elements of your marketing program
  4. Do not engage in any marketing activities that fail to produce a positive return
  5. Pick the low-hanging fruit
  6. Don’t be linear
  7. Be persistent, relentless, inventive, counter-intuitive, challenging, combative, strategic, and tactical (location 323 – 349 in Kindle)

In Extreme Marketing, you must have systems in place to determine effectiveness. Is your marketing $1.00 generating more than $1.00 in return.

Your Marketing Sucks is a great book even providing case studies and a relevant real world-plan. I now have the eBook.

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