Objectivity and “new” journalism

Objectivity has changed – why hasn’t journalism? | Online Journalism Blog.

Transparency is the new objectivity. It’s access to information from multiple identified sources.

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2 Responses to Objectivity and “new” journalism

  1. Peter D. A. Warwick says:

    While trying to think of a topic to write on for my own, monthly, journalism blog I happened to read Objectivity has changed – why hasn’t journalism? The result is my own take on objectivity in journalism, which you can read at http://peter-petersplaceblog.blogspot.com/

    While I’m at it, I’d like to invite people to visit Peter’s Place Of Freelance Journalism at http://www.peters-place.ca/ Peter’s Place, which is a free site, is one of the largest journalism sites on the Net. And yes, there is a link to the Online Journalism Blog, which was added long ago.

  2. dbolen says:

    Peter makes great points about how “subjective” objectivity can be. Higher gas prices are bad because lower prices are better or would higher prices alter behavior to move to other energy sources. Hopefully this will force the adult conversations we in US are avoiding.

    Check out the shameless plug for Freelance Journalism resources, good stuff.

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