Talent Management Revisited: Where are we now?

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What exactly is talent management?  Is it the employee life cycle from hire to retire? Or all the bits in between when you must find the right person for a critical role, leadership or individual contributor? Suspect that there’s not a leading practice that can be lifted and dropped from one organization to another. From the corporate days, the challenge with identifying and developing talent was management reluctance in sharing the best talent. We’d spend days identifying the ready now or ready later candidates only to have the “owning” manager block a developmental assignment. Sadly, no enterprise-wide application will help if managers don’t realize their role is developing and then sharing talent. And that may mean losing talent to other part of the business.

Interesting piece from Bersin on the revival of this concept and the struggles that HR has in owning that strategic role in organizations.  Talent manage is not a piece of software, it’s a guiding principle with evolving processes in an ever changing business world.

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