Reflections on Earth Day

Reading the NYT Magazine for April 19, 2009, this chart in The Way We Live Now, Natural Happiness, caught my eye.

As I’m getting older, I do observe nature and take note of subtle changes from day to day. As we tend the multiple gardens or walk the dogs, I study for changes in the leaf pattens, the hint of fragile tentacled asparagus, watch for the explosions of flowers and perfumed air. The birds twitter about (not microblogging) as they gather food for their young. Bunnies hop around scoping the gardens while the hawks circle lazily above. The box turtle begins the migration from the bog to the salad greens. I appreciate the sunrises and sunsets as well as the Spring storms. Using the rich compost for nurture our garden keeping a good amount of waste out of the landfill.

A few years ago I doubt I would have noticed. Didn’t get into this although I enjoyed being outdoors, even mowing the yard. My bandwidth was devoted to other processes – career and office politics.

I now have a much deeper appreciation of diversity and I hope that makes me a better person.

Happy Earth Day.

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