Measuring Learning TK Results: Research Insights for Better Evaluation Designs

Great session with Will Thalheimer, Willatworklearning, his blog. Will is a researcher bringing the theory into practice. He stepped through the use (or lack there of) assessments for training citing the eLearning Guild’s 360 Measuring Success report. We should leverage assessment to support learning, prove benefits and improve design.


  • Consider a delayed Level 1 assessment, not the moment before dismissing the class or flagging the online course as complete
  • Use the Level 1 assessment as an opportunity for feedback for those that design and deliver
  • Consider the forgetting curve and design follow up “authentic” learning to sustain learning transfer
  • Shrock & Coscarelli, Criterion Referenced Test Development have “raised the bar” in scenarios should be the minimum in assessing ability to do a job versus memorization content

Plenty of good free stuff in his catalog.

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