ASTD TK4 The Art and Science of Test Creation

Nanette Miner, The Training Doctor. Nice, crisp presentation on does and don’ts of test creation. Coming from compliance-focused industries (health care and commercial aviation) there was not much new for me.

However she did focus on awareness of those with learning disabilities. How many times have we wondered about unexpected test performance by a chatty engaged individual in our classes. That individual may not be able to read but has adapted well to the work environment. Reminded me of many years ago I was delivering a learning map session to a group that required learners to read from cards and then the group would discuss. This was a mixed group of technicians, professions and support staff. I was having problems with individuals in volunteering to read. Soldiered on without 100% class participation in reading but the discussions went as designed; good thoughtful discussion. I was puzzled. After the class in a debrief with a colleague, she pointed out that these were probably functionally illiterate individuals. They couldn’t read. However, they could sign in on the course roster and interact within a discussion. Big lesson early on in the career.

A good reminder for us all.

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